Tests to evaluate the compatibility of Qimono, Vygon’s closed system transfer device, with key cancer therapies have concluded the connectors would be compatible with all cytotoxic drug infusions in current clinical practice.

The testing conducted by Professor Graham Sewell and Toral Patel from the Faculty of Human Sciences at Plymouth University, focused on the integrity and chemical inertness of the Qimono connectors.

A range of cytotoxic drug infusions exhibiting different pharmaceutical formulation properties were studied to see if there was chemical or elemental leaching, or drug/formulation instability through contact with the connector fluid path.

The drugs included Cisplatin, Cyclophosphamide and Etoposide and were chosen because they are the most aggressive co-solvent/excipient formulations.

The full details of the testing methods and data can be found at http://www.qimono.co.uk/compatibility-of-qimono-connectors-with-cytotoxic-drugs/