A key paper has been published recently showing a reduction in contamination risk of 97% when using a CSTD during administration of hazardous drugs, vs no CSTD.

S.Bartel et al 2018 Pharmacy. Dana Farber Cancer institute Boston MA.

The paper found that out of a panel of 13 US hospitals, the level of antimitotic contamination during administration was 78% when not using CSTD. This rate decreases to 2.6% when using a CSTD” (like Qimomale and female). This represents a reduction of nearly 97% in contamination rate.

S.Ndaw et al INRS- Juin 2018 –Références en santé au travail N°154 p81-92

A measure of cytotoxic contamination was performed on 12 French facilities (4 Cancer centres, 1 University Hospital, 5 General Hospitals & 2 private clinics); between 2008 and 2012.

“55% of the nurses who participated in the study (n = 104) had cytotoxic positive urine samplings.

Conclusion: It appears that oncology staff (nurses, caregivers and Healthcare workers) are more frequently exposed than those working in pharmacies (compounding technicians and pharmacists).”